28 Day Detox Bootcamp YouTube Video Overview

We have condensed our 90 program (Option 3) into a 28 Day Detox Bootcamp. Please see the following overview video. We will begin new 28  Day Detox Facebook Groups each Monday in January.  Discount pricing available.  Message me for more details @ monroeashley@icloud.com .

Here’s an information video all about the detox bootcamp

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Journey & Transformation of Pastor Scott Thomas ~ 56 lb loss

Pastor Scott Thomas ~ 56 lbs lighter using Arbonne Nutrition

Pastor Scott Thomas ~ 56 lbs lighter using Arbonne Nutrition ~ Living Healthy!

Pastor Scott Thomas shares his 56 pound release journey with Arbonne….. Thanks for sharing his story Robin & Brenda!!

Scott Thomas, Pastor of FBC Brandon, lost 56 lbs in 6 months and gained a knowledge of how foods impact our body and mind. Read Scott’s testimony below.

“Are you ready for physical, emotional, and spiritual peace? For almost two years, I’ve prayed for and led First Baptist Church of Brandon toward the Peace Project. A major portion of the 2013 Peace Project is physical peace. I was faced with a serious crisis: the Lord convicted me that if I was to lead a church to physical peace that I had to personally experience physical peace. I’ve tried as many diets as I could sink my teeth in. You read it correctly. I would sink my teeth in a program, swallow the program hook line and sinker. Each of those diets worked on my body but not on my knowledge of food, my cravings for sweets, or my temperament. Those diets were not only made of unnatural substitutes they were substitutes for true peace that comes from the grace of God which is found at the throne of grace.

When I started Arbonne at the end of April 2013, I weighed 253 lbs. I couldn’t button the biggest suit coats from the “big” side of my closet. You know that place I’m talking about! That side where I stashed the big clothes when I was little and my little clothes when I was big. Peace? Are you kidding? Frustration, guilt, shame! I saw pictures of me when I was smaller and couldn’t even button the largest coat I had. That coat was purchased to cover up and I wasn’t covering up! I’ve heard countless people excuse their weight with their genetic disposition. I joked, I’ve identified a “banana pudding” gene. Frankly, it’s easier to laugh than to confess the hurt. I’m part of a culture that laughs at overeating. The Bible calls gluttony a sin. The Bible never says that being overweight is a sin but it does say that overeating is a sin. Yet we joke as we go back to the buffet for more. The Bible condemns putting unhealthy things into the temple of God. Yet we laugh as we consume toxins that contribute to emotional and physical suffering.

Peace? I told my wife that I had to do something before 2014. She said, I love you and I will work with you but this time you have to do your homework. I met with a certified dietician. I read articles about food and the body. I sought the Lord at the throne of grace. I believe God led us to Arbonne.

• I understand food for nutrition and nourishment instead of a cover-up for distress or a medium to social approval or engagement.
• In October 2013 I weigh 197.
• My cravings are curved drastically. (I didn’t say that I don’t love a good banana pudding—I just say my cravings for it are curved.)
• Dacia and I are laughing together more than ever.
• People who have seen me after other programs say that I look healthier from this wellness program than from the diet programs.
• Arbonne is a wellness program and the byproduct is weight loss, therefore I’m already going through what other programs call “maintenance.” I’ve already adjusted to “real” life. People ask—can you eat this on your diet? I’m happy to explain-I’m not on a diet and yes I can eat anything I want. The question is, do I want it? Do I need it? What’s in it? Is it good for me?”
-Scott Thomas

28 Day Detox Boot Camp 2014

2014 Detox Boot Camp Starts on January 6th anywhere in the world!

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